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Parts Work & Dissociation

Understanding your parts
to promote healing and connection in your life 

Parts Work focuses on different sub-personalities, called "parts", that everyone has inside of them along with our most authentic part, the "Self".

Through this type of therapy, I can help you learn to understand emotions, triggers, behaviors, and desires that are led by different parts. 

By learning and providing space for each of these different parts, we can strengthen the connection between each part and the "Self". Through this work, I can guide you to reintegrate your parts with the "Self".

Parts Work allows clients to find harmony and balance in their life through a reduction in behaviors and triggers. As the parts of us become more connected, we get a deeper understanding of who you are. 

Grow Today Therapy
Grow Today Therapy

Parts Work can be helpful for anyone, but is most beneficial for clients who have PTSD, Complex PTSD, and Dissociation. It is also helpful for those who struggle to stay present throughout their day, often feel like they live their life in a fog, or who feel disconnected in their day to day life.

Through Parts Work, clients can learn to have a better understanding of their triggers and stress points in their day to day life. It supports healing by providing skills to stay in the present moment, which helps clients feel grounded, and decreases their experiences of dissociation. 


Parts Work allows clients to better understand their inner conflict and gives a voice to the part that is struggling in their relationship(s) or feeling unheard at work.


Parts Work helps clients who may feel lost or are struggling to know who they are by providing them the opportunity to understand each part and guide them to integrate these parts to fully know themselves.

For clients who have experienced trauma, engaging in Parts Work is incredibly healing by allowing each part to feel seen and heard with their experience.

Parts Work invites the opportunity to integrate different parts and provide comfort and compassion to younger parts whose needs were not met during the time of the trauma.


Parts Work can also help clients increase regulation after EMDR processing by providing and practicing additional regulation skills and learning how to experience calm.

Grow Today Therapy

Hi, I'm Lisa!

I am an attachment and trauma therapist that can help you get unstuck and have a healthier relationship with yourself and those in your life that matter most. 
As a therapist who has been to therapy, I know how important the relationship is between a client and their therapist. Thats why I bring my authentic self into sessions to provide a safe relationship to celebrate your growth and guide you through tough emotions to promote healing.



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