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Grow Today Therapy

A Private Practice 

serving clients throughout California & Nevada

To create a change tomorrow,
         You need to Grow Today

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My clients are just like you; they are doing their best, but not living the life they want.

They struggle day to day to speak up for their needs or setting boundaries with others. They are struggling in their marriage or with other important relationships in their life. They have a hard time communicating with others, especially in times of conflict or receiving criticism from others. 

I specialize in helping clients let go of people-pleasing behaviors and learn communication skills to set healthy boundaries. As an EMDR therapist, I help clients let go of their past and painful memories to find healing that will empower them to move forward with greater self-awareness and self-esteem. By utilizing an attachment-focused approach, I can support you in working through conflict in the relationships that matter most to build authenticity and have a deeper connection with others.


 Let us begin your journey to healing and growth. 

Client Testimonials

Image by Brina Blum
“Lisa was really helpful during our time together. She was able to provide the right perspective to support me when I needed it the most. She helped me understand my situation in a new light and was a constant support every step of the way. I am more confident and able to understand myself better since working with her. She has made such an impact in my life."
Image by Vadim L

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Lisa Stoll, LMFT 

(775) 257-9873


Office Location

1675 Robb Drive, Suite 6

Reno, Nevada 89523

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