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Meet Lisa Stoll

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified EMDR Therapist in California and Nevada. I am originally from Southern California, but currently reside in Northern Nevada with my husband

After 8 years, I still wake up each day knowing being a therapist is what I am meant to do.

It has been through my own therapeutic experience that I have seen how working through people pleasing tendencies, learning to set boundaries, and implementing positive communication skills have transformed my life and my relationship with others.
Through my own experience with EMDR, I have been able to let go of painful past experiences and shift thoughts about myself from negative and shameful messages to positive and affirming beliefs.

I feel it is an honor to be invited into some of the most vulnerable, scary, and raw moments with my clients. I am proud that you are taking the first step to working through your past to unlock who you are meant to be.
Connect with me today and begin your journey of healing and deeply understanding who you are.

Advanced Trainings

I am Certified in EMDR, an evidence based therapy approach that focuses on reducing disturbance around difficult past experiences and events.

I have attended various advanced trainings in:


  • EMDR with Children

  • EMDR with Anxiety & Panic Disorders

  • Dissociation

  • Parts Work/IFS

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Attachment Trauma

  • Adoption and Permanency Population

My Approach

In my work, I utilize a psychodynamic and attachment-based lens. This means that I focus on exploring your past and prominent relationships to understand patterns and dynamics that are impacting your day to day life. Understanding your past and attachment with your parents, or primary caregiver, helps me understand how you see and engage with the world.

I also incorporate a client-centered approach, where I come alongside you as a supportive and welcoming presence. I really honor my client's autonomy in sessions - meaning we focus on what YOU want to work on. I make sure I understand what goals you have for therapy, and I view my role as a coach and guide to help you get there.

My Credentials

Throughout my education journey, it was my passion in child development that led me to obtain my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and join the field of mental health.
Once I understood how large of an impact a child's form of attachment and environment influences their mental health as adults, I felt the call to action. I made it my mission to guide individuals to heal from past challenges and understand how their attachment style, developed by their parents or primary caregiver, impacts their most vital relationships today.

Let's Get Started, Today

Click the link below to schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see if I would be a good fit to help you start your therapy journey. 

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Get in Touch

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Grow Today Therapy


Lisa Stoll, LMFT 

(775) 257-9873


Office Location

421 W. Plumb Lane, Suite E

Reno, NV 89509

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